Straight Up Design LLC

About Us


Sometimes you need just one designer, and sometimes you need an entire team. We can help you with those options and everything in between. And while our nimble team comes in a variety of combinations, one constant is our specialty. The adult beverage industry. See, design in this business is unlike any other. Of course, it starts with incredible creative, but knowing the ins and outs, rules and regs, no-no’s and must-haves are second nature to us. And that depth of experience unique to our arsenal of artists helps your project hum along without the hassles other designers might bump into after many hours (and dollars) into your project.  After over 30 years designing and packaging adult beverage brands, we are trained to avoid deleterious detours and whisk your beautiful, new brand straight to the finish line.

Founder, Lead Designer, Kween

Hi, I’m Pattie. I’ve been a Designer & Art Director for over 25 years, specializing in package design, print design, web design, and social media in the adult beverage industry. I started Straight Up Design to bring adult beverage brands beautiful design in the most efficient way possible. My incredibly talented, highly specialized teams are hand picked per project to create custom designs you’ll love and a process you’ll love even more.

“I am a creative all day. I never seem to stop creating. There is always a new idea, photo, or  business idea running through my head. I am drawn to color and the beauty around me. I have always been inspired by art and design. Growing up I was constantly in my sketch book or crafting at the kitchen table.”

Designer, Illustrator and Photographer

Pattie and I collaborated for over seven years as part of the design team for one of the nation’s largest liquor distributers, so, naturally, when she started her business, I was eager to be a part of it. After several successful launches, we know we work well together, so we kick off most assignments by brainstorming ideas, then Pattie selects the team.  For those jobs I am a part of, I bring a range of art and design disciplines to the table, whether it be packaging, point of purchase, social media, or website design.

“Art, illustration, web design, graphic design, photography, typography, printing, advertising…how can I choose just one? My wide range of interests means I’m never bored – just the way I like it – and it shows in my work – just the way you like it.” 

Impressed? Great. Allow us to craft a brand you will be proud of, and one that even the most discernable consumer can’t resist.